X-ray Africa (Pty) Ltd offers the following bouquet of services:

- X-ray machines both conventional and digital imaging systems.

- Battery assisted X-ray system.

- RIS/PACS appliance.

- Automatic x-ray processors.

- C–Arm and mobile and portable x-ray units.

- Computed Radiography (CR) systems.

- Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems.

- Supply of cassettes and screens, grids, viewing boxes, lead aprons, x-ray films, chemicals and other x-ray accessories.

- Digital Fluoroscopy.

X-Ray Africa (Pty) Ltd deals within the following Sectors:

- Goverment Hospitals within South Africa

- Independent private hospital groups

- Radiologists

- Radiographers

- Cardiologists

- Gynecologists

- Veterinary market